I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I have been doing a little more Amazon shopping than normal lately. Research, let’s just call it research. Let me figure out the best affordable Amazon products so you don’t have to waste your time and money. After extensive *~research~*, I’ve narrowed down the list to these 10 affordable Amazon favorites that I’ve been using daily.

these 10 affordable amazon favorites are things that I use every single day.

Don’t waste your money shopping through every Amazon product

Let’s be real, we can all get lost in the rabbit hole of 2 day shipping. I’ve been there – it’s 1:36am and suddenly there are 17 items in my cart and my cat is giving me yet another judgmental gaze from his bed… which was purchased on Amazon. First on the list isn’t even for me, but if you are also obsessed with your pet fitting your neutral aesthetic vibe, you’ll want to check out this furry plush donut pet bed. Not only is it cute, cozy and under $25, but Leo makes biscuits in this bed 24 hours a day.

Luscious lashes can also be purchased on Amazon

I have tried A LOT of lash serums over the years, and if they aren’t $100, they’ve made my eyes burn and eyelids puffy and red. And that’s just not cute. I almost gave up on lash serums until I started using the EssyNaturals Eyelash and Brow Growth serum. I purchased this 3mL tube January 11, 2021 and just ran out of it in the beginning of August. That’s 7 months of daily use for a $28 product!

My lashes and brows were noticeably longer and thicker after about 2 months of consistent use. I now get comments every single time I wear mascara on how long my lashes are, and I can confidently say, “yep, I grew these bad boys myself!”.  I just reordered another tube – i can’t get enough! This is an affordable Amazon favorite I’ll be using as long as it’s being sold.

Say goodbye to puffy under eyes in the morning

Two of my affordable Amazon favorites combat the dreaded morning facial puffiness. I have the worst genetic under eye bags on the planet, so I’ve tested tons and tons of things to try and reduce them. My eyes get especially puffy when I wake up, regardless of how much sleep I’ve gotten. Not only has this $13 ice roller dramatically reduced my eye bags in the morning, but I feel bougie af rolling my entire face while my Nespresso brews my double scuro shot over ice. It’s the little things, right?

Affordable skincare is obviously on this list

Going off of my previous favorite, I follow up my ice rolling with a few dabs of the Valjean Labs Depuff eye serum. Again, I purchased this product on February 23, 2021 and am just now finishing it in August. I use this every single day without fail – a little goes a long way! For only $17, this is beauty necessity and I will never leave the house without it. This powerhouse has collagen and caffeine to smooth fine lines and boost under eye elasticity. Bonus points that it’s cruelty free and non-toxic!

None of your pants fit in the waist? Amazon has a genius solution to that

I think it’s a universal female struggle to never be able to find pants that fit our waists and our legs at the same time.  Belts just don’t vibe with some outfits and can really be a hassle when you’re as hydrated as I am… know what I mean? Plus, who has time to actually go to a tailor and get their clothes properly fitted? Not me.

I don’t think I’ve even looked for a belt since I started using these adjustable jean button pins. They snap right on to any pair of jeans or shorts and snatch that waist right up. I’ve used these buttons on linen pants, denim shorts and more and truly, I will never go back to using a belt. I love that they come in a pack of 12 since I’m bound to lose a few.


The trendiest and most affordable phone case that I’m obsessed with

Pastels are all the rage this year, and this silicone phone case hasn’t left my phone in months. I hate wasting money on overpriced phone cases, so when I found this one for under $15, I had to purchase several. I drop my phone way too often, and it’s always stayed protected. Even my mom uses this phone case and loves it! There’s so many colors to choose from, so you can switch it up as often as you’d like. I rotate between the pastel purple, baby blue and light pink.

Rayban dupes for a fraction of the price? Look no further than the WearMe Pro Round Sunglasses

These might be the best item on the list of affordable Amazon favorites. I can never bring myself to purchase crazy designer sunglasses because I will either sit on them in my car, scratch the frames or drop them in the ocean. These affordable Rayban dupes from Amazon have been my go to shades for over a year. I wear them almost every single day and they were only $16! I did end up replacing mine after about 18 months of daily wear due to the lens getting too scratched up, but other than that, they were in great condition. They are great quality, and I love the gold detailing on the frame. These WearMe Pro glasses make every outfit look chic and put together. With almost 8,000 5 star reviews, they are a yes from me.

The workout outfit staple every fit chick needs

Move to the side, Lululemon and Free People, these Blooming Jelly running shorts are my new go to workout shorts, and I’m never going back. I discovered these shorts few months ago and immediately ordered 3 more pairs when I realized how amazing they are. As someone with a muscular athletic build, finding shorts that don’t ride up my legs and cause awful chafing was a mission I just didn’t think I’d accomplish – until I bought these shorts. Not only are they under $25, but they stay in place no matter the activity. I’ve worn them for lifting, Peloton rides and soccer games.

I wore these shorts for every one of my soccer games this season, and never had an issue with my legs rubbing together, or annoying wedgies – PRAISE!!!! They have an inside liner, so no need for underwear, unless you want to. The zipper pocket is the perfect spot to store your keys during your workout, and they are flowy enough to let in some airflow. You’re going to want every color – trust me. The Blooming Jelly shorts are also a dupe for the Free People Way Home shorts, and even cuter in my opinion.

Complete your hot girl summer wardrobe with this versatile wrap top

Unfortunately I did not go to Tulum this summer, despite my best efforts, so I had to dress the part at home in Florida instead. This versatile wrap top made my Mexico outfit dreams come to life. I love how this top can be styled in several ways to give any outfit that sexy and unique flair. Check out this reel I created showing how I style this top 3 separate ways! This is a no brainer on my affordable Amazon favorites list.

Cut down on kitchen waste with reusable silicone baking mats

Before I discovered these reusable silicone baking mats, I was using and throwing away pieces of parchment paper every single day. I hate washing baking sheets whenever I make fries in the oven and I’m always trying to decrease my waste. I found these silicone mats and they have been a huge game changer in the kitchen. They are completely non-stick and save me so much time washing my baking sheets every time.

Want to see more roundups of my affordable Amazon favorites?

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10 Affordable Amazon Favorites to Use Daily

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