Do you ever feel overwhelmed and lost when strolling the aisles of the grocery store, trying to stay within your budget? Fret no more, friend, I’ve created the clean eating grocery list. This list will help you buy everything you need for healthy nutritious meals while staying within your shopping budget.

Everything I buy when restocking my pantry and refrigerator

This grocery list encompasses my weekly-biweekly staples. Many things I purchase weekly – like eggs, fruits and veggies. Other items I purchase biweekly or monthly – like meats and oils. The items on this list tend to last me 10-12 days. I cook 95% of my meals and snacks at home and this grocery list helps me stay on track to plan out nutritious filling meals. You might notice that I didn’t include things like ice cream or oreos. Don’t think for a second that I don’t eat those delicious foods – I sure do, however, I try to buy them occasionally as a treat, rather than every time.

clean eating grocery list for budget shoppers

Clean eating grocery list for budget shoppers. This food shopping list will help you meal prep easy nutritious meals on a budget


clean eating grocery list for budget shoppers

If shopping for healthy food is overwhelming, this clean eating grocery list will be just what you need to stick to your weekly food budget

Why aren’t there any dairy products on this healthy grocery list?

If you are new here, you might not know that I aim to eat a 99% dairy free diet. I discovered in college that my body, skin and energy levels thrive when I do not consume dairy. While I still love ice cream and cheese, I try to limit myself to eating them only when I eat at restaurants. I feel my best when excluding dairy items from my everyday diet, but if you love them, add them to your list. My favorite dairy free alternatives are oat milk, almond milk and coconut cream. I have tons of dairy free recipes already published. You can read some of them HERE.

Where do you shop for groceries?

Typically I do most of my shopping at Aldi and a local Spanish grocery market, Don Victorio’s. I buy all of my meats at Aldi and all of the produce at Don Victorio’s. Not only does this help keep me within budget, I am also supporting a small family run local business when I shop at Don Victorio’s. I encourage everyone to find a local market within their neighborhood if possible. This encourages us to eat seasonally and sustainably while supporting local families in the area.

Do you ever get extra things that aren’t on this clean eating grocery list?

You bet! If I am recipe testing something specific or really have a craving for something, I buy it. Things like lunch meat or jalapeƱos aren’t in my every day diet, but I occasionally buy them when I’m in the mood to eat specific meals.

What’s the total cost to eat clean?

Every month varies depending on my schedule, but I usually go grocery shopping 3-4 times per month. I try to stock my freezer with meats and frozen fruits so that I’m not buying them every week. This helps keep my weekly grocery bill a little lower by keeping my freezer stocked.

I also do lots of instagram and pinterest browsing to help me create a weekly menu for myself before heading to the store. I like to brainstorm 5-6 meals and then add the ingredients to my clean eating grocery list. This helps me know exactly what to buy so I don’t waste and time or money at the store. By planning my meals out ahead of time, this also helps prevent food waste because I already know what I’ll be cooking before I even buy the groceries on this clean eating shopping list.

This is where I pin all of my dairy free meal inspo!

Now for the juicy info, this is the exact amount I spent on groceries last month….

I saved all of my grocery receipts for the month of October and double price checked via credit card statements. The amount I spent on groceries for October 2021 was $191.05. I cook almost all of my meals and snacks at home, so this price reflects that. I try to religiously stick to this clean eating grocery list so that I stay within my weekly grocery budget. I recognize that I am lucky and fortunate to have a local market with low prices for fresh produce, and that not everyone has access to that. I also choose to shop at Aldi over Publix or Whole Foods for the majority of my groceries in order to keep costs low. I still love Whole Foods, but only go there as an occasional treat.

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clean eating grocery list for budget shoppers


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