Hot girl summer is back, baby.

After my post last summer blew up, I figured it was only time to bring you another list of essential products I am using every day this summer.  Check out last year’s list HERE:

Let’s be clear, hot girl summer is never about your physical appearance, but how you feel as a whole body, mind, and spirit. It’s a ~lifestyle~ if you will. It’s not pilates girlies and $17 Erewhon smoothies, but the total feeling of peace, centeredness, and gratitude for your daily habits this summer. Let’s get into the hot girl summer essentials list.

anna is wearing a fuschia one piece bathing suit and a white bucket hat Hot girl summer is all about feeling your best in mind, body and soul.

Hot girls take care of their homes, and they better have a signature scent.

Pura diffusers are my go-to, pet friendly way to make sure my house is smelling crisp and fresh. I discovered the Pura diffusers last year and am OBSESSED. I have gotten so many friends to join me in my obsession and I am not sorry about it.

It’s a smart home diffuser that you control directly from an app. I have several throughout my house and always get comments on how great the rooms smell when you walk in. There is something that makes me feel like I have my life together when my house is clean and smells amazing. My favorite bedroom scents are Linens + Surf, Clean Crisp White, Washed Linen, and the Cape. My favorite kitchen scents are Amalfi Lemon + Mint, Bondi, and Frasier Fir.

Pro tip: Never pay full price. There is always a sale going on somewhere, and always an influencer with a code for a free fragrance.


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Hot girls stay hydrated in the summer with our Stanley Cups.

I know, I am cringing just typing this and the second I hear Stanley Cup, I’m already picturing the Utah girlies in their Aritzia rompers, drinking diet coke with vanilla creamer out of their $40 tumblers. And guess what, I wanted to channel that vibe too. I caved and bought the Stanley cup and let me tell you, it’s CUTE. It doesn’t leave my hand. Catch me drinking lemon cucumber mint water ALL summer long. Hydration is key for hot girls. The Stanley Cup is sitting next to me now, which is why it’s a summer essential every day.

anna is holding a white stanley cup at the beach staying hydrated is key to hot girl summer. my stanley cup never leaves my hands. its always filled with a hydrating mocktail

Since hydration is a major factor of hot girl summer, let’s talk electrolytes.

We need something to fill up our Stanley cups, girls!! All summer, I’ll be adding LMNT electrolyte mix to my Stanley to stay hydrated and cute. I love an outdoor sweaty workout, a long swim in the ocean, and being outside as much as possible in the summer. Staying hydrated with LMNT’s 8 different flavors formulated without added sugar is a breeze. Here’s my tip – mix any of the flavors with a flavored sparkling water and a squeeze of lemon or lime, and you have the hydration cocktail of your dreams.

Watermelon mixed with a lime sparkling water is what I’ll be sipping on this hot girl summer.

Hot girls wear matching sets in the summer.

Whether it’s an Amazon workout set, or a neutral linen shirt and pant set, matching sets are IT this year.

There is something about wearing a two piece monotone outfit that makes me feel like my life is in order and I am strutting down the run way. In reality, I’m walking down the aisles of Aldi – but let’s remember, hot girl summer is a mentality, not how you look.

I update my storefront weekly with new finds! Check it out HERE.

anna is sitting on a rock under a tree in palm beach florida wearing a light blue matching amazon workout set and a black linen shirt My favorite matching Amazon Workout Set!

Let’s just say that hotties wear tennis dresses whether they are playing tennis or not.

I am OBSESSED with this trend, and think it is the cutest look for summer. It’s put together, it’s functional, and it’s cute. Hot girl summer is about feeling good and being active in a way that you love. These tennis dresses inspire me to go out on my hot girl walk and get moving.

Wanna splurge? This Aritzia Surpass Dress is on my wishlist. For a more affordable option, I’m loving the viral Halara Everyday Activity Dress.

Sleep is important year round, but feeling well rested is a key component to Hot Girl Summer.

Its no doubt that summer is filled with late night adventures and memories we’ll never forget. This is exactly why I started incorporating SOM Sleep into my PM routine. It’s a nutrient packed pre-bed beverage that helps me fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. It helps me prepare for the next day full of summer fun.

Save a little cash at checkout and use code “ANNA” for a discount.

SOM just released travel stick packs, and let’s just say, summer vacation has never seen so much REM sleep.

During the summer, I love feeling fresh faced.

I have been using Neutrogena tinted SPF for a few months. It’s a staple in my makeup routine, and perfect when you want a little bit of coverage and sun protection without feeling weighed down.

I’m spending my hot girl summer on the beach, going for walks around the neighborhood, and at happy hour with my friends. Tinted spf is the perfect skin perfecting essential to use in the makeup routine during the extra humid weather. Hot girls do not have UV damage!!

No one wants to spend their days being bloated and uncomfortable, which is why Love Wellness Bye Bye Bloat vitamins are on this Hot Girl Summer Essentials list.

I am living proof that these babies WORK.

Some of us lactose intolerant babes just cant stay away from the dairy queen blizzards, so when I’m feeling overly full, I take 2-3 of these capsules and I’m good to go. Say goodbye to uncomfortable bloat this summer.

This is another item I never pay full price for. I can always find a discount code somewhere on instagram for a little bit of savings.

Hot girl summer makes me want to feel healthy and balanced, which is why I often opt for a kombucha or mocktail over a cocktail.

Almost every day I need a little drink in the afternoon, and KOE Kombucha has quickly become my pick.

The flavors are so tasty, and with just 15 mg of caffeine, it’s the perfect afternoon pick me up that’s also good for me. Anything that is best for our overall health is a must on the hot girl summer essentials list! Buy them on Amazon on at Target. I am obsessed with the watermelon flavor lately.

anna is sitting on a fence at the beach drinking a kombucha Kombucha is a great healthy alternative to sugar filled cocktails.

It took me a little while to jump onto the Birkenstock trend, but now that I’m on board, I’m never going back!

The Arizona Essentials Eva slides are an absolute necessity in the summer. I love being able to hose them off immediately after the beach or just throw them on to walk over to the pool. I have been eyeing the Popcorn color – pale yellow is my new favorite color for summer. I have had the white pair for over a year and wear them constantly.

It’s no secret that hot girl summer means we’ll be wearing our bikinis every minute that we’re not in our tennis dresses!

Taking care of the delicate fabrics is key to preserve your swimwear and keep it in tip top shape for years. Bikinis Over Everything makes the best bikini wash to keep your swimwear clean and fresh without damaging the material.

The founder of Bikinis Over Everything is a south florida native and such a bad ass. I love supporting her small business and you should too. You might even recognize a familiar face on their website and instagram 😉

As the Hot Girl Summer Essentials 2.0 list comes to a close, let’s remember that Hot Girl Summer is a year long mentality. Be your best self 12 months of the year.

Choose self love. Choose progress. Choose yourself.

anna is standing in front of a fence at the beach wearing rayban sunglasses and a peach colored bikini Hot girl summer is all about feeling your best in mind, body and soul.
anna is wearing a fuschia one piece bathing suit and a white bucket hat


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