Summer will be here before we know it, so I’m bringing you the third edition of my HOT GIRL SUMMER ESSENTIALS LIST – with a twist. 2023 is the year of “that girl summer essentials”.

Let’s recap if you missed it. Check out YEAR 1 and YEAR 2.

that girl aesthetic is all about pursuing wellness, happiness and the best version of yourself. here's how to become her this summer

the that girl aesthetic is quickly growing in popularity. becoming that girl is about pursuing happiness, wellness and motivation

We’ve all seen the rise of “that girl” and the “it girl” aesthetic on Instagram and TikTok over the last year. Hot girl summer will always be the vibe, but that the that girl summer essentials list is the refined older sister of hot girl summer. It’s the Sofia Richie version, if you will.

That girl summer is all about feeling your chicest self in mind, body and soul. This list will capture the hottest summer trends for 2023, and all of the items I can’t get enough of.

That girls live by the 2-3-8 Method

I have been in a workout funk for the last year, so finding new ways to be active has been crucial for my mental sanity. With the major rise of pilates and low impact movement on social media recently, I quickly fell in love with the 2-3-8 method. This schedule of exercise encourages 2 pilates sessions and 3 weight training workouts per week with 8k steps daily.

I’ve found this method to be SO attainable for making it to the gym without getting burnt out. I prefer to intermix pilates with barre and have seen amazing results. My favorite pilates workouts are Move with Nicole and my favorite barre instructor is Coach Kel. You can find their free workouts on YouTube.

That girl summer is all about moving your body in a way that makes you feel empowered, strong and sexy – no matter how you do it.

That Girl Summer Essentials obviously include Osea Body Oil

We’ve all been out to dinner on family vacation and have seen that girl with the post beach sunkissed glow who just looks like she has her sh!t together. I can guarantee she’s using the Osea Undare Algae Body Oil. The smell is unreal and the way it makes my freshly shaved legs feel like the skin of a baby dolphin is unmatched. That girl summer is not complete unless you are bronzed and glowing, girl.

Infused with seaweed, this body oil delivers deep hydration and moisture for the golden glow you crave year round.

Healthy Hair, Yes I Care!

Beach swims and lots of sun exposure can be rough on our hair in the summer. To combat that damage, I incorporate the JS Hair and Energy vitamins into my daily morning supplements. The growth I’ve seen when taken consistently is major. After two years of taking these, I can truly say they’re one of the only hair supplements I’ve found to actually work. Whether you’re going for a crimped beach wave or rocking Sofia Richie’s twisted bun rehearsal look, these vitamins with give your hair the it girl vibe everyone is looking for.

So long to thinning hair and breakage caused by increased ocean swims and lots of sun exposure. These vitamins are vegan friendly and non-GMO.

This is the go to Pilates princess uniform

Outdoor activities in the summer just hit different. Whether I’m on the pickleball court or just going for a walk by the beach, a tennis skirt is top of mind when it comes to that girl summer fashion essentials.

I love the way it makes me feel like a country club mom who just dropped the kids off in her new Mercedes G wagon and is running to a quick nail appointment before grabbing lunch with the girls in the Hamptons.

If looking trendy, comfy and cute is on your list of priorities this summer, look no further than this roundup of my favorite Amazon tennis skirts. Pro tip: pick a pastel color to give off major that girl vibes.

a girl is standing in front of a tennis net wearing a black tank top, green tennis skirt, sunglasses and white sneakers.

trendy cute outfits for summer

a girl is standing in front of a tennis net wearing a black tank top, green tennis skirt, sunglasses and white sneakers.

put together an easy outfit for summer by wearing a trendy tennis skirt with a tank top and white sneakers. this clean girl outfit inspo will look good on everyone this summer

This is one “that girl” trend you will want to jump on

these one piece rompers are the 2023 summer fashion trend I cannot get enough of! The Aerie Offline Mesh Romper is SO flattering and my go to dog walking uniform. I throw this on several times a week to run errands, walk the dog, or do a pilates workout. It holds you in in all the right places while flattering your natural curves.

Pair your one piece romper with a slicked back pony, some gold hoops and your favorite pair of slides to get the trending clean girl look this summer.

BONUS – the Aerie romper is under $30! Check out my try on TikTok video of a few different versions of the romper HERE.

Hydration is Hot

Hydration is key for keeping our skin glowing this summer, which is why I never leave the house without Hydralyte electrolytes. I just came back from a weekend in the Bahamas and these little packets kept me going all day on the boat and in the sun.

Bonus points for Amazon prime two day shipping, so you can order in a pinch to complete your that girl summer checklist before leaving for vacation.

I mix mine with a Strawberry Waterloo sparkling water and add a squeeze of fresh lime for a healthy and hydrating mocktail. Trust me, you have to try.

Ditch Starbucks for this cheaper tastier option

I have to say it. It girls are NOT drinking Starbucks. I have found a cheaper and much tastier alternative that doesn’t require wasting time in the drive thru.

That girl aesthetic never misses an opportunity for a coffee moment which is why Jot Cold Brew concentrate is always on hand. I love that I can have a highly caffeinated cold brew in 15 seconds or less.

This slightly out there recipe I made with Jot is giving that girl European summer vibes – even if I wont be leaving Florida any time soon.

Saving money is cool, so use code “ANNAFENSTERMACHER20” for a 20% discount on all Jot Cold Brew orders.

Wellness Girlies love this High Protein Snack

Nutrition cannot be skipped out on while doing so many hot girl workouts this summer! That girl summer is all about staying booked and busy, so keeping a healthy high protein snack in your bag is crucial. I’m a huge fan of Chomps – so many flavors and 9g of protein per serving is an easy way to maintain the gains.

I love the variety pack on Amazon to try all of the flavors. Chomps is the perfect option to have on hand and meets many dietary requirements for my gluten free or dairy free girlies.

Every It Girl is wearing a Matching Bikini Set

I am in my high quality bikinis era and everything from Maaji Swim is a win. I found my first Maaji bikini at Nordstrom Rack years ago, and it’s still in perfect condition. I love that this top is reversible and the bright color makes a summer tan pop in all of my instagram photos. Matching bikini sets go hand in hand with the that girl summer essentials, so don’t miss out on the beautiful pieces Maaji has to offer.

If this isn’t in your budget this year – I gotchu! This black two piece is my classic go-to bikini from Amazon. I tested it out on a boat day in the Bahamas and got so many compliments. Make sure to size up – it runs a bit small. Under $30!

colorful bikini and white linen shirt outfit at the beach

stand out on the sand this year in a reversible neon bikini top from Maaji. Pair your bikini with an oversized white linen shirt for a guaranteed clean girl look on vacation

summer beach look, vacation outfit ideas, beach vacation outfit inspo, how to style a neon bikini, summer beach hairstyles

trendy cute summer outfits, how to style a neon bikini, beach vacation outfit ideas, bikini styling inspo, beach hairstyle ideas, what to wear on a beach vacation

Accessorize your new Tennis Skirt with these Pickleball Paddles

You can’t think of the that girl summer aesthetic and not think of pickleball. This sport is rising in popularity quickly, and for good reason. Pickleball is the perfect way to spend time with friends, wear a cute tennis skirt (duh) while getting in a good sweat.

Picking out a cute paddle that matches my outfit gives me a serotonin boost like no other. Pickleish paddles have quickly become my recent obesession. Hot girls support small businesses which is why I know you will all love the fun and unique patterns Pickleish has to offer.

Some Honorable Mentions for this year’s list

Every day gold hoops

It’s no secret that throwing on some gold jewelry can make any outfit look more put together. These gold hoops are my go-to accessory to dress up an athleisure outfit or a happy hour sundress. Bubs & Sass is a locally owned jewelry company in Jupiter, FL. The owner Alyssa is QUEEN, and I’ve had so much fun wearing several of her pieces.

Bonus points that they have never tarnished! You might even see a familiar face on the website 😉

gold jewelry, waterproof jewelry, sweatproof jewelry, style gold jewelry

gold jewelry will always be in style. master the clean girl outfit inpspo by adding a pair of small gold hoops with a slicked back bun for the effortless chic cool girl vibe

My go-to denim cut offs

Why are GOOD denim shorts so hard to find? I ordered these Levi’s 501 Original Denim Cut Offs last year on Prime Day and they are truly the shorts I’ve been searching for my whole life. They fit true to size, not too short, comfortable and SO flattering.

Keep an eye on them – they frequently go on sale under $30! There are tons of color options, but I always stick to the traditional Luxor Baked colorway for that classic effortless look. Pair these with gold hoops, the white button down from last year’s Hot Girl Summer Essentials (under $25!) and you are going to be the fashion queen of the summer.

DermInfusions Fill & Repair Serum

If you’re scared to pull the trigger on Botox, let me put you on to a cheaper and needle free option. This serum from Dr. Dennis Gross will blow your mind. I have been self conscious of my deep under eye bags for as long as I can remember – like all the way back to middle school. Full of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, this serum is packed with top notch ingredients to give you lasting results.

I tried jelly roll Botox once last summer, but didnt see super drastic results. The results that I did see lasted barely 6 weeks before wearing off. When I found this serum, I did think it was too good to be true, but the way it plumps up my skin and fills in any wrinkles and crevices around the eyes is magic. It’s a fraction of the price of Botox, and works amazingly well for a home remedy. It’s called filler in a bottle for a reason.

That brings us to the end of another That Girl Summer Essentials List. I hope this list of must have summer items has inspired you to feel and look your best while creating life long memories during the warm sunny months.


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that girl aesthetic is all about pursuing wellness, happiness and the best version of yourself. here's how to become her this summer


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